Air Conditioning

Relax in the cool comfort of your home. We install, repair and provide maintenance on central air conditioners and ductless mini-split systems. 


Central Air Conditioning

An outside condenser connects with your furnace. Controlled by a single thermostat, air is pushed through a numbers os ducts and circulated throughout your home by way of air vents. The temperature is managed by a thermostat. 

We provide maintenance service for central air conditioners. Typically, we schedule maintenance appointments in the spring to be sure you have AC for summer days. We also do repairs and complete installations. 

Ductless Mini-Split

An outside condenser connects with an inside unit or units. It heats or cools your home without the use of ducts and allows for individualized temperature control in different areas of the home. 

Ductless, mini-split systems are all the rave! Even though they work differently than central air systems, they do require maintenance check ups too. Always up on the latest innovations, we also do repairs and installations on these systems.